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BOUTIQUE Neve Tzedek

Walk through the charming gates leading onto the impeccable property of the Molcho Boutique. This scenic location looks like a massive slate waterfall which entices guests into the garden foyer. Molcho Boutique's breathtaking features show the uniqueness and delicate taste of Tel Aviv's very first traditional structures with its painted floor tiles and budding vineyards which climb its walls. The architecture is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to design and details making it a memorable place to stay. 

This landmark building was originally built in 1928 and is established as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under Tel Aviv's White City Modern Movement. This beautiful building was painstakingly renovated to its current state by renovation experts who preserved its original architecture, details, and character. 

Various hand-picked furniture, decorative items, and accouterments were flown in from Europe and are now housed in the hotel. These includes handmade wooden shutters from Holland and a marble stairwell. 

Each room and common area have been given the utmost attention to detail with both the building's history in mind, the convenience of each guest, as well as the surrounding neighborhood, Neve Tzedek.

Free WiFi

Fully Furnished


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